nuvo in denver

kiana and i spent last weekend in denver. it was a great way to celebrate my semester ending!

kiana had another regionals for nuvo, with her company from center stage.

i have really cut back on the dance pictures i take. instead of taking pictures all year long at every dance event, i’ve decided to just hit the highlights and blog 2-3 of the events a year. otherwise, it is exhausting!

denver was fabulous!

we flew in the day before the competition which gave us three-fourths of friday to hit the city, and do a little touring. we headed straight to the Denver art museum. i studied not only the art pieces in the museum in my art history classes, but also the amazing architecture of the building. in the museum, i saw my first matisse & georgia o’keefe pieces. very inspiring. kiana & i did a little shopping here. i finally caved and purchased this {happy mother’s day to moi!}! and, we had a yummy dinner here.

dusty’s niece lexy & her adorable little family reside in denver, and were so generous to us while we were there! the nuvo competition took place at a hotel right in their suburb! we really lucked out! lexy gave us a car to use, picked us up & dropped us off at the airport, they came to watch & cheer for kiana during her competition. really, the ludwig family made our stay in denver so much fun! xoxo.

and! and ! and! …katie, a sorority sister {alpha phi} of mine from my suu days lives right outside of denver. she spent time with us on saturday/sunday. we even planned a little sleepover with her! we kept kiana up till 2am while we chatted & giggled the night away! katie has the career i dream of, if there were not four kiddos who serve as my constant side-kicks! she jet-sets around the world doing the most amazing things. currently she is over team-processing for the olympic committee. yeah, she met every single athlete for the past winter olympics, and was in charge of their apparel. she pretty much hooked us up with some awesome winter beanies that only the athletes received. yeah, we scored! katie is a huge music guru, and now that she has attended a dance competition, i’ve put her permanently in charge of searching for music for kiana. {{{hugs to k8!}}}

nuvo was great. center stage rocked! kiana earned a hip-hop scholarship award, and all of their dances qualified for nationals in July. good work dancers!

the highlights in pictures ~

the ‘plaid picture’ is christian denise and i the day we were turquoise plaid twins. christian is one of the center stage coaches, he currently dances for the rivernorth chicago company. he is an amazing dancer. he choreographed one of the pieces this year for the teen company kiana is on, called Fortress, and it is my favorite piece she is in this year!

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  1. I love the picture of Kiana next to the broom and dustpan just thinking… "What are these tools even used for?" 🙂
    I have to say, I love being a dance dad…

  2. i was so delighted to get to be part of your fun weekend. Maybe we should trade jobs for a day-would be a GREAT reality series ; )

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