Nutcracker chaperone

was my title today. With the responsibility of taking care of the “party girls” pre-show, during, and after – you also get to be backstage while they are performing. It was very cool. The Ballet West dancers are so sweet to the Young Dancers cast.

While Kiana & I did the Nutcracker thing, Dusty took Myla & KJ skiing for the first time this season. He said it was a BEAUTIFUL day and they both did AWESOME, and they LOVE being in the lodge for treats when they are done. Myla came home and taped hand warmers to her feet to help them get warm.

Then the Rodeo began…

Sela had her first ride on the bull – her big sis and brother were trying to explain to her how to hold onto the belt while she’s riding – It’s one crazy 8 second ride.

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  1. so fun! I want a turn! heehee..
    We play a similar game called
    “Run sheepy Run” we may need to get the kids over for that one!

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