November book reports

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I love how creative my kids get to be at their school with book reports! I would have LOVED to do a book report like this when I was a kid, I only remember standing in front of the class and talking about the books I had read… so blah.

Kiana read, “Deep, Dark, and Dangerous” by Mary Downing Hahn this month and made a really cool diagram that had a river going through it. For the river she used my kitchen “glad” lids, cut out in the shape of the river and filled it with Vaseline to look like water running through it. so creative!
Myla read “Ruby the red fairy” by Daisy Meadows. Her class was required to design a cereal box based on the book. The report was included on the sides of the box where the “ingredients” and “more information” would normally be found. They had to design the front of the box to represent the book and the back of the box had to have an activity that related to the book. so so cute! I seriously think hers turned out beautiful. Maybe she’ll have a sweet job designing cereal boxes one day…hey, someone out there hast to do it!for her activity on the back she found a flower maze and had “help me find my fairy dust” written by the red fairy. At the end of the maze was a little pouch full of sparkles!

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