new years eve

a mariachi band…and dancing!
LOTS of yummy food!
dot, the clown!
balloon animals…
face painting-

rock band – world tour-

some intense card games…

a very funny moment…
almost time for the new year,
us 🙂
becky & max {ryan, where were you?!?}
troy & daphne
joe & caryn
scott & suz
matt & s
the adams family, ba-da-da-da-dum-pum-pum
sparkling cider, for midnight toasts!
balloons, confetti, noise makers, you name it…we had it!
new years kisses at midnight! {what a lucky girl!}
swimming after midnight!

the unavoidable clean-up…it’s worth it, every year!

thank you to all our dearest friends, cheers to a fabulous 2009!

14 responses to “new years eve”

  1. Oh man, I’m so sad that we missed the last bit! It looks like so much fun! You guys are the ultimate hosts. You definately know how to throw a party, that’s for sure! 🙂

  2. Jane how fun!!! For the sixth year in a row I countdown the night without my hubby. Its a required night for work. But Jan 10th he is switching schedules and for the first time since we have been married he will work 3 days a week, with weekends off. Can you believe it. Well wishing you my dear a very Happy New Year. And in a few days we get to celebrate our Birthdays soon. Yea. Your amazing…have a wonderful day.

  3. Yes you should be a professional party planner. My kids can’t stop talking about it! Thanks again, you guys rock. Sorry we couldn’t stay and help clean up.

  4. You two definitely know how to throw a party! You make it look so effortless, although I’m sure that it isn’t.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks for another great party!! I loved the mariachi band touch! We had the best time-thanks for making it so magical! Happy 2009!

  6. Jane! Yes, I know who you are, and after seeing your New Year’s Eve bash, I wish I knew you better! Love spying on you and your frighteningly fantastic life, do you live in Layton?

  7. Looks like you throw a rockin’ party! Love that you had so many people that you have an actual lost and found!

  8. Wow, how do we get on that guest list?? You are def. the “ultimate” host. Cal had a blast at Myla’s party btw, so did Casey!! haha. Thanks for inviting him.

  9. We always look forward to such a fab evening! And cetainly, this year did not disappoint! Thanks for being the Hostess-with-the Most-est! Love you~

  10. You are seriously queen party animal! Can we pretend the New Years is on Feb 1 so I can come to the party? This looks like the best party of the year and i fear I will always miss it ):

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