new years eve 2012

we don’t always know where we are headed. our family, right now, particularly doesn’t know where we are headed. we have eighteen months invested in our boston adventure and can not decide what to do from here. we like it here. so, maybe we’ll stay indefinitely. we also like utah, and miss it very much. yet, when we think about living in utah again, soon, it doesn’t feel quite right either. not yet. but there are times when it’s painful how much we miss the people and culture in utah. we have always entertained the idea of living in southern california, and can easily see ourselves being there one day,  but as much as we adore this idea, it doesn’t feel quite right, yet. so, until we decide what to do and where to live, our family does have this focus for the year:

be your best self.

on the eve of the new year, before the festivities began, we had one of our “be nights.” this time focusing on our 2013 family motto. using these free printables from lovely lindsey, our family discussed the highlights and challenges of 2012, and what we each hope to accomplish in 2013. i strongly believe that if you share your goals with others, and vice-versa, you make a deeper commitment to reaching your goals.

new years resolutions free printable via lovely lindsey, seejaneblog

after we discussed our ideas for each goal… bad habits to break, books to read, places to visit, etc., we hung our list in the dining room on our chalkboard:

a clean slate for the new year via

i am going to keep these up on display for january to encourage support and focus. did you make resolutions for the new year? are you not a fan of resolutions?

here is my list, it’s still a work in progress:

a bad habit i’m going to break: staying up late. i’m going to attempt to make a new habit of early-morning yoga in february, to give myself more time during the day.
a new skill i’d like to learn: how-to edit/create videos.
a person i hope to be more like: stumped on this one. i have lots of qualities i’d like to improve, but can’t think of one person. ideas?
a good deed i’m going to do: not one good deed. i want to do more spontaneous good deeds. all the time.
a place i’d like to visit: Maine. {husband and i visited maine about twelve years ago, but we haven’t been as a family, yet…}
a book i’d like to read: CLEAN by Alejandro Junger, M.D.
a letter i’m going to write: i am changing this one to: essays. i am going to write my essays for college transfer applications. {because i’m currently doing everything in my power to avoid writing the essays.}
a new food i’d like to try: i can’t think of anything i haven’t tried! any ideas? suggestions?
i’m going to do better at: returning phone calls.

what would your list include?

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

3 responses to “new years eve 2012

  1. I really like this idea! I’m not really into resolutions, or at least not ones that I’d admit to myself about 😉

    One thing I can suggest if you’re going to try to make videos is Adobe Premiere Elements (or Adobe Premiere, but Elements is likely all you will need). It’s relatively inexpensive and a great program for video-making. Good luck!

  2. i love that you and your littles did this together.
    and did it in perfect ‘see jane’ style. adding your touch.
    love, lindsay
    ps: i’ll meet you in maine.

  3. Dear Jane,
    Is it too late to comment, or suggest, or add? Because I’m just catching up with your posts for the last couple of weeks and this one just begs to be answered…

    My list would include –
    A person I’d like to be more like? My friend Andrea, who is so incredibly motivated. Somehow, she gets a solid 26-hours out of every 24-hour day. (Me? I’m always looking for an extra hour of sleep… {sigh})

    A letter I’m going to write –
    Condolence letters. Someone at my church lost their elderly mother this week and as I was thinking about writing a note, I realized I hadn’t written ANY condolence letters in years. But when my sister passed away eight years ago, the notes I received from friends & acquaintances were absolutely treasured. This is one I want to ‘pay it forward’.

    I’m going to do better at –
    Being on time for work… and stop being so dramatic about what an ‘ordeal’ it is. Really!? I love my job! I just don’t love mornings. LOL

    And for a food you haven’t tried… what about haggis? I haven’t tried it and it definitely ISN’T on my list, but if you’re looking for something… well, there’s one to consider. 😉


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