*new to me*

happy monday friends!

to start the week, i am so excited to share with you something that is *new to me*!!!

this is good.

are you ready?

ok. three of my creative friends melanie burk, alma loveland, and mike loveland have come together to create caravan shoppe. before you click on their link to see how amazing the site is, let me tell you a little bit more…

first, when you go to their site, look for the confetti please button. AND CLICK ON IT! is that the cutest thing you have ever seen??? amazing!

second, Caravan is the happy space where we share our art and designs inexpensively while allowing you the freedom of printing as much as you like. Bonus? We share our secrets on how to print for the same low price designers pay every day. sounds really good, right? look at some of their art/designs you can print:

the winter olliblocks are a fun homemade gift idea + if you don’t have a chalkboard in your home, these posters are an easy way to hang instant-cool-holiday-cheer on any wall in your home!

that’s it. now, go-go-go! start right here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I just ordered the nativity puzzle for my kids and gifts for their friends, the holiday gift collection for an upcoming Christmas party, the menu planner and the laundry poster! So fun!

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