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hello friends.  my kids are almost out of school for this year, woo*hoooo!  and because of that big detail, they are walking in the door each afternoon with armloads of their school stuff.  old binders, folders, school work, art projects – you name it, it’s been in their lockers/desks all year and now it’s coming home.

myla brought home her binder from this year and it’s nearly falling apart. which is so sad because it is darling. very original. very myla. when husband and i were in maui i bought her this 3″ covered binder at cinnamon girl as a souvenir from our trip. today i picked it up, searching for a label to see if we can replace it or find another one that is similar because it’s so authentic and cute. she received compliments on it all year long. i found a tag from natural life.

then, i realized we own a few products from natural life. they have a great selection.

sadly, they don’t have any binders right now. but, i am drooling over this bag. it would also be cute for myla – are you a fan of burlap?

hopefully this fall when it’s time to go back to school they will have binders again! {fingers crossed!}

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