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friends!  how was your weekend?  ours was busy – family style.  we had myla’s tennis – myla’s soccer – sela’s dance competition – kJ’s baseball games – kiana’s 5 peter pan boston ballet shows – piano – and more.  it was one of those weekends when it’s all said and done, even i am amazed that we made it!    pfewwww.

because of our crazy weekend, i think that is one reason i was so drawn to the images below. calm. relaxation. nature —

let me introduce you:

Shelter Co. is a pop up lodging service (based out of California) who will travel and set up camp at your destination of choice (check their site for details). All packages are fully customized to each client’s needs, offering European style canvas tents, 400 thread count bedding, pendleton blankets and activity stations for children, and even stocked libraries.

i am just starting to plan a family trip to the northwest this summer – and now i am desperately trying to figure out how to add northern california to the trip, so we could have a night camping shelter co. style! how fun would that be?!? have you ever camped in such style?

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  1. these pictures are so pretty…makes me want to go camping! I need to be better about checking blogs…I love your blog and all of your posts!!

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