new blogger on the block

our really good friends Matt & Kathy came into town this weekend and surprised us with a 2-day visit! Of course, I had to have Kathy create a blog while she was here…i hope she will keep posting when they return home so I can keep tabs on their family! We love these guys! It was so fun visiting with them, we go way back to our Korea days with these two. We met while we were all newlyweds teaching English in Korea. Wow, that was almost 13 years ago. crazy. Our kids had so much fun running around playing and Kathy and I stayed busy making flower hair clips, and starting the new blog! It was a great Red sox day…we headed over to our favorite tail-gating restaurant and had sushi during the first few innings of the game. We love sitting at the bar to watch the game. Then we head home to watch the end.Thanks for stopping by, we hope you made it home safely and will visit us again SOON!

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  1. Yahoo for new bloggers!

    Bummer about the Red Sox game tonight, we were Rootin for them big time in this house too!

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