neon + neutrals breakfast birthday party…

well well, what do we have? one of my favorite color combinations yet? it looks that way! mixing brights with neutrals:

party details!

1. i covered the table with brown kraft paper.
2. using two large neon green poster boards i cut them down to smaller sizes to be used as placemats.
3. i added striped washi tape to hold the placemats in place + wrapped the utensils with tape too for a little extra detail. can you tell i love taping stuff?   {purchased locally, found online here.}
4. i  made those happy name place cards using this font.
5. i found the gift bags locally here. {spotted online here.} neon blue/green gift wrap via papyrus.
6. mini glasses here.
7. using brown paper mache letters from our jo-ann’s fabrics & craft store, i wrapped them with washi tape and topped it off with some curly ribbon.
8. all other party details: utensils/balloons/streamers/etc – found at local party store.

the goodie bags were pretty fun – i found mini remote controlled robots in coordinating colors + a handful of mini helicopter-twisty toys for each kiddo:

the birthday boy requested: texas cake {recipe here} + blue crepes + maple bacon + cocoa metro – his fave chocolate milk + his favorite fruit – cantaloupe! we delivered it all…

our newly nine year old mister was such a sweetie. he loved every minute of his special morning. we had endless thank you hugs from him.

neon + neutrals, we shall meet again!

find what inspired me + more neon inspiration on my “celebrate everything” pinterest board.

see our buddies past birthdays – these posts bring back such good memories for me: eight, seven, six, five, two.

{photos by me & husband.}

10 responses to “neon + neutrals breakfast birthday party…

  1. love love love that colour scheme! Looks so fantastic! Happy Birthday to KJ; you sure know how to celebrate 🙂

  2. you are such a fun and awesome mom!! I love this! Kate is so totally into neon clothing the past few months…she just may want a neon birthday party! thank you so much for sharing all of your creativity, you are awesome!!

  3. Happy Birthday KJ….can’t believe he is Nine!!!! Such a creative fun morning….you always know how to do it right auntie….:)

  4. I love the creativity and effort! You took such simple items to a whole new level. Such an inspiration! Seriously!

  5. How is it possible that KJ is nine? I remember teaching this cute little guy how to write his name! He is growing into a very handsome young man.

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