National Halo 3 Day!

Sept. 25th finally arrived… KJ woke up on Tuesday morning with sleepy eyes and groggy voice and said, “Dad, today Halo 3 comes out.” Indeed it did… and KJ’s nerd dad was home playing with his son for 2 1/2 hours (don’t tell his boss) when he should have been at work. KJ bought a box of mini crumb donuts and a couple of Diet Cokes and ate ONLY that for the next 9 hours while fighting aliens with his gamer thumbs (parental pride exuded). Later that night his nerd dad went to Jared’s house with Troy, Silver, Jared, Junior, Kyle, Joe, Brent Hek, Nick, and Brent Lloyd (all very responsible adults as you can see) for an allnighter. Indeed… Dusty made it home just in time for Kiana’s 9am field trip hiking Mt. Timpanogos. Dusty was heard to say… “It was sooo… worth it! The graphics are SICK!”
Oh my hero!

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