nahant beach.

…thanks to katie {again!!!} we discovered nahant beach.
it takes thirty minutes to drive from our front door to this sun-loved-destination.

do you know what i love best about a good beach?

when my toes are in the sand, and the sun is hot on my skin, i feel still and peaceful and so very carefree. it’s good…that thoughtless state of relaxation that must come periodically to recharge our senses.

my little beach-lovin’-son really likes this place,
i could listen to him and my girls laughing in the salt air, for the rest of my life.
kj boogie-boards till his skin is covered in goose bumps, the tide goes so far out, and there are no waves left to ride each day. he absolutely loves it to his core.

first, i took sela & kj while myla, kiana, and big papi were all out of town.
then, we took kiana and catelyn {a utah dancer from home, also living in boston for ballroom},
then, we took myla, and big papi after they returned to boston.
then, we took aunt nancy!
then, we took boston {taylor}, shannon, and cory when they were visiting…

and now, we can’t wait for next summer to go more!

i never had any idea that we would trade our utah mountains for beaches like this…


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