Myla’s “Onstage America” competition

for her jazz company, “Mini Elites” was tonight. Coach Cassie Ford does such a great job with these girls! They did 2 dances, first – “Orange Colored Sky,” that I have already put the video of on our blog around last Christmas and second – “Back to the track Jack.” I don’t actually know if that is the correct name… Myla comes out first in the line of girls and dances a quick swing with Ezra, then she’s all over the place. I wish I could help point her out better, but they really travel around in this one!

5 responses to “Myla’s “Onstage America” competition

  1. Myla is great at dancing the jive-look at her go! I loved her at the beginning especially! That is so adorable!

  2. sooo cute! I Know this scene all to well. We have two compititions next month.We had to move up a whole new level this year so the twins are nervous about that.
    Myla did a terrific job on her swing dance!

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