Myla’s dance, Evolutions of Dance, and a movie…

Myla’s ballroom team from Center Stage, “Preteen Millenia” performed at the Provo H.S. Ballroom competition this afternoon. This was their first time to perform this year, they don’t have their costumes yet for this Quickstep so they wore their normal black/white couples outfits… Myla is partners with Niua in this dance ~ they did so great!

Tonight, we [Dusty, Kiana, Myla, and I] went with the Morton’s to dinner @ the Bombay House for some delicious Indian food [a family favorite.] Then we headed over to see some of Kiana & Myla’s friends/dancer buddies @ the Vibe’s “Evolutions of Dance” playing @ the new Covey Center for the Arts in Provo. It was really awesome, and everyone did great!Dusty & I left a little early and went to see “Cloverfield” ~

very indie, beautiful cast, crazy beast, we liked it.

3 responses to “Myla’s dance, Evolutions of Dance, and a movie…”

  1. Myla & Niua are adorable, i love when they walk off stage how professional they are and at a young Age! SO CUTE…

  2. ~hey thanks for the Heads up on the Skateboard shop…I am hoping there isn’t a “Next time”, since they cost a buttload! ;)hehe

  3. Darling as usual. I want to see that movie. Why didn’t you and Dusty want to bring me and Crew for a double date?! He was such an angel during the dance show?!!?!!?

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