Myla’s Closing Prayer to Hometeacher’s visit:

“Dear Heavenly Father, Bless that Bishop makes it home safely” (the Rhodes family requires special Home Teachers… now that I think about it so do the Granum’s. Hmmm…). “Bless that we go to bed safely” (not sure what could happen between now and going to bed). Myla peeks. “Bless that Kiana can close her eyes and fold her arms during prayers.” Myla smirks. Kiana screams, “Myla!” Bishop smiles and regains control by squeezing both of them tighter. Myla says, “Bless that the Red Sox win the World Series!” Dad smiles. It’s never too early to start praying for 2008. Bishop squeezes dad’s leg to regain control. Myla finishes prayer.

4 responses to “Myla’s Closing Prayer to Hometeacher’s visit:”

  1. I wish I could have been there to hear it. There’s nothing better than prayers like that 🙂 I would have not been able to keep my composure I would have been rolling on the ground laughing.

  2. Sounds like the prayers we hear at our house!! A lot of the times when you say our family prayer at night, we have to say three prayers so everyone gets a turn!! I am new to this whole blogging thing and haven’t quite figured things out. Maybe someday you could give me a lesson! I love to check your blog out. You have such a beautiful family and seem to have a lot of fun!!

  3. Bishop Underwood is so kind and patient with the kids. Whatever we did to get him as our home teacher, I am thankful. He is awesome. We all love him!

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