Myla’s [a.k.a. moosey] day

My 2nd baby girl! Myla woke up to a cake, her BLOG, & “webkinz” from all of us – her family.She wanted to have lunch/dinner at “The Mayan,” so we did. Dusty & I haven’t been there in at least 3 years and the atmosphere & food has greatly improved. The Howell boys all went with us, and the divers/show was a lot of fun. Myla was treated really well as the birthday girl, she was given this “headress” to wear the entire time and the entertainers would come visit with her. She also got free ice cream! She loved it!I wore my “I love [moose]” tee shirt for her today – Then we were off to Ogden, to the Salomon Center iflyutah! For those of you who may not know, this is an indoor skydiving experience. It was AWESOME! We are going to head North to the Salomon center again in the future – they also have indoor surfing, rock climbing, bowling, movies, miniature golf, restaurants – it’s really fun!

MylaKianaKJDusty: We had 2 turns each, and all of us improved on our 2nd turn. If you did really well on the 2nd turn, then the instructor/aid would hold onto you and co-fly to do swirls/etc. which made it really fun! That’s why this guy is holding Dusty in this pic…JaneAfter iflyutah, our other friends Matt & Kathy Wilkinson and their kids also met up with us, and the kids hit the arcade for a while, the favorite thing to do was ride in this stimulator – it was CRAZY wild – but the kids loved it! Lastly, we went to Baskin Robbins. We partied till midnight with this girl, till her birthday was officially over. We love you Myla!

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  1. That looks like a blast!! Iflyutah…if Kj can do it, i can do it right? Call us next time you guys go up.
    Myla is so dang cute, i bet she had the best birthday ever!

    p.s. good minds think alike, i have that same song as my blog song too!
    Happy New year!!!
    So sad to be missing the funnest party ever!

  2. Happy Birthday, Myla – my future daughter-in-law if CHase has his way! That place look AWESOME! Can’t wait to go check it out. How do you always know all the cool stuff?

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