Myla’s 2nd grade CAREER DAY

Dusty got to go and deliver his “This is what I do” spill to Myla’s class. He loves it and goes out of his way to try and sway the kids into thinking he’s the coolest dad (i.e. bribes via gifts and such). He gave them each a name plate made at the factory for each student with their name on it as well as a basketball, head band and hat. He started by saying, “My job is the toughest job in the world… it is being a dad to Myla. She’s HIGH MAINTANENCE!”

3 responses to “Myla’s 2nd grade CAREER DAY”

  1. SERIOUSLY…Dusty is the coolest! i thought He Just had an Extra “Boston” name plate for Bos, but now i am even more impressed with “Everyones” names! Way to go on Career day!
    Boston actually fell asleep with his Head band on! HE loves it! 😉

  2. You know that all of those kids will be wearing Pro Look gear for the rest of their lives because they’ll remember how good PL was to them (or begging Dusty for a job:) Good marketing either way!

  3. Dusty is so cute! I bet all the kids loved him and I could just see Myla getting embarassed when he said she was high maintenance!

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