my new vices…

yesterday was six weeks.


even as i type it, i have a difficult time believing it.

i stopped drinking soda, cold turkey. well, kinda cold turkey, six weeks ago.

diet coke, specifically, has been my lifeline for an entire decade.


i’ve always tried not to think about the negative effects of carbonation on my body, but there’s always been this small voice in my head saying, “that much carbonation can NOT be good for you!!!”
{not really worried about the caffeine, or sweeteners, i have selective concern.}

so, six weeks ago, on a friday morning prior to breakfast, husband said something to the effect of,
“you’re done with soda. start drinking this…”

and i said, “wh wh what???”

i was very apprehensive and cynical about the entire thing,
i had had NO INTENTIONS of ending my diet coke habit!


you know when you just feel so good, and so passionately about something
that you want to force everyone around you to try it, so they will feel great too?

well, that was husbands motivation.

before my SIX WEEKS, he stopped drinking soda about a MONTH before me,
and started drinking this in place of it.

i started drinking xenadrine {similar to hydroxycut} each morning between 6:30-7:30am, and in the afternoon i have my second dose usually between 3-4pm.
{i’ll let you read up on it.}

i love the flavor. i’m not a huge fan of energy/weight loss drinks, but xenadrine doesn’t pack quite the same punch,
i just feel great. all the time.

like, really great.

and, i haven’t had any urge to return to soda. i see it. i don’t’ miss it.

is that unbelievable or what?!?

before xenadrine, for my first time EVER i tried another form of weight loss, alli. you can read about it, here. the marketing is perfect, it truly is your alli. more or less, alli makes it so the fat in your diet just shoots through your system and is not absorbed. it’s a perfect compliment to my style of eating.

however, after about 2-3 months, i was tired of taking it. good results, i could splurge at least once or twice a day and still maintain my target weight. but truly, this was something i could do on my own with my own traditional exercise and eating healthy {most of the time}. so, i stopped taking alli.

{plus, i’m nuts over xenadrine now!}


this past summer,here, i promised an update about women’s rogaine.

here’s the low-down on my healthy hair cocktail…
{some of this is repeat from before}

two+ years ago, i started taking “biotin,” which is a hair/nails/skin supplement. i love biotin, i have always been happy/content with my fingernails, but even my nails get a boost from this supplement and i find it annoying how often i need to cut/file my nails!

at the same time, i started rogaine for women, and i switched to an aveda salon in my area, i feel as though the aveda color/lightener is easier on my hair than other bleaches/etc. also, aveda makes a daily protein i use in my hair…that is awesome.

i feel the rogaine has helped with strengthening the hair on the crown of my head,more than anything. it seems like each hair is thicker, there is not necessarily more hair, just the hair i have is healthier.

i didn’t have any hair loss, if you remember, my hair was breaking/damaged extremely bad and my doctor recommended women’s rogaine. overall, lets just say, i won’t be ending my relationship with women’s rogaine for a very long time. i don’t have perfect long locks, but my hair is certainly healthier than it has been in years, and the cocktail seems to be working.


on to other things, my very favorite skin smoother “bring up the rear” by bath & body works was discontinued this year. hate that. grrrrrr. i am such a creature of habit.

so, it was time to find a replacement. after asking around, i tried fat girl slim {here}, and absolutely loooooove it!
it’s “a lean, mean skin firming cream”. i also love their marketing and would totally enjoy sitting around coming up with these names/schemes!

interestingly, the main active ingredient in this lotion is caffeine!

…i’m really hooked on caffeinated products!


in fashion news, my latest jeaneology…

my friend angi is one serious fashionista, and on husbands forty trip,
she was sporting some sweet denim…

if you buy one pair of skinny jeans this winter, or if you want a great pair
to ask santa for… check out these.


i feel they are the best bang for the buck. they have awesome stretch, fit great, and most likely, you will need to size down at least one size, which is always nice. the “pick me up” are my favorites in any wash, they literally give your bum a little pick me up…

who doesn’t need that?!?

{since discovering these jeans…i own two pairs!}


do you have any new beauty/fashion secrets…
since there’s no such thing as natural beauty! {ha!}

what are your vices???

9 responses to “my new vices…”

  1. Great Info on all the products you listed!I also have many "Vices" that get me through the days.. LOL! And I recently discovered a yummy/bad one. My friends hubby works for Monster. And he gives us tonz of drinks. So I have been addicted to the Juice Monsters. M-80 is my FAV! So every day after the gym, I drink a monster instead of a Chai or Diet pepsi. I Need to break this habbit.. I too LOVE caffine. 🙂 I always think of my self as a really healthy person, but the carbonation is not great. But I guess it's half juice. LOL!
    So I might just try this Xenadrine. I have used there diet pills in the past.
    Any ways, Thx for all the great info, and I love your blog.

  2. I just really need to find a way to get off of chocolate but I don't think life would be worth living!
    My biggest vice that I need to get a handle on is buying fabric, tons of fabric! It's out of control. Back to the subject though, I don't believe in natural beauty either 🙂

  3. Hey Jane, I have a couple of questions for you about the Rogain. I started going to a stylist at Amara and ever since I have noticed my hair feels very damaged. It probably didn't help that I went from dark hair back to blonde. Anyways, were do you buy the rogain and is it a certain product and who do you see at aveda?

  4. I love Diesel jeans best and they're pretty expensive. I only own a few pairs of designers jeans but I definitely get good use outta them 😉

  5. Kris~~~ i buy WOMEN'S ROGAINE at Rite Aid, there is just one to choose from…women's and men's, the women's box is purple. you can buy a one month supply or a 3 month supply, it took 4 months to feel/see improvement. i've been using it for six months and can totally see improvements.

    and…at Remedez/university mall, i now go to Becka.

    good luck!!!

  6. Ohhhhh, I love things like these!! Hmmm, I am so impressed you quit DC, you're giving me hope. I pretty much have an IV of DC most of the time. Have you lost any weight with that drink? Because your body seems pretty hard core kick bum already…. I'm so impressed those jeans aren't expensive! I may have to get some. Let's see, the only thing I can think to contribute…I started using Bliss's cleanser, "no zit sherlock". I think it works really well. Also, I am fairly immature and the name makes me laugh everytime I use it. Oh, one more thing, I know you're a big 'smells' girl, do you have any good perfume suggestions?

  7. WHAT?! you gave up Diet coke!! i am so impressed and i can't wait to get my hands on Xenadrine!! Where do you buy it??

    i too loved 'bringing up the rear." i remember you telling me about it and my all time fav. "need a margarita!" that is still my favorite.

    I'll have to give those jeans a try!

  8. woah!
    6 weeks off D.C.?
    that would be my dream. i have been a hard-core addict for over 12 years now! (i'm only 30!). i even drank it (not as much though) all thru 3 pregnancies.
    i really need to get off.
    maybe this is my ticket!
    are you still going strong? do telL!
    if you can do it, so can i, right?!

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