my myla moosey

myla’s namesake is our dear friend Myla Bungay, who is filipino. When Dusty and I lived in the Philippines nine years ago, Kiana was two-and-a-half and Myla was five months old when we first got there. Soon after we arrived, it became slightly confusing having two Myla’s to refer to… Dusty started calling our girl “Myla moosey” for no apparent reason and the nickname has stuck for nine-and-a-half years… In fact, we only called her moosey till she was about four years old. No one ever said, “myla.” We do use her name more often than her nickname these days, but she will always be our moosey.

so, when my gal-pal becky and I were at sundance recently I found this moose bust in the gift shop. I seriously loved it. In fact, I went crazy over it! I brought it home, myla assembled it and it’s now hanging above her bed. Couldn’t be more perfect. Not only because of her nickname but this girl is packed with so much love for the outdoors, and animals. One of her favorite people is her aunt Ruthy who lives in southern Nevada, and her home is full of real-animal-busts. Myla loves spending time at their home, and loves that they take her to do all sorts of outdoor fishing, hiking, etc. This is soooo fitting for this girl of mine-

9 responses to “my myla moosey

  1. SO cute!! I love adding un-expected things to a room!
    I also LOVE Sundance…It’s my “get-away-from-the-world-place”
    BTW,Love your blog!

  2. excellent moose…i’m actually sitting right next to Myla (philippine myla) while reading this…i’m lucky i’ve been able to meet and get to know both Myla’s in my life – they are both very very cool…


  3. it’s absolutely perfect jane! and yes you were crazy in love with this, but i think it’s perfect!

    glad you got the big one 😉

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