my myla is nine years old…

how does one express love with words…it can never be explained well enough.

when this little girl was 4 weeks old she had a double skull fracture.
when we arrived by ambulance to the emergency room, the neuro-surgeon was forthright in telling us she would not make it.

she did make it.

she was born a fighter.
go getter.
she’s very tough on herself.
if she doesn’t do it better than everyone else,
she struggles.

to this day, I cry when I hear sirens.
my emotions can’t handle it, ever since I rode in an ambulance with her, begging God to help her.
The promises and one-on-one deals you start making with Him, if He can do something amazing for me, I can make a trade.
I’m not so sure I’ve held up on my end of the deal, but he has more than blessed me from His side.
I cannot imagine life without my Myla moosey.
We had grand plans for her birthday.
We always have her birthday party early in December so more of her friends can attend before they leave for the holidays. Then ON her birthday, we also have an amazing family day.
She started her day tubing at soldier hollow then begged to spend the entire day playing at the Blands. She loves the Bland family. In fact, it was Scotty who gave her a blessing at the hospital {in the middle of the night} when she was so tiny and needed some extra pull to keep her here with her family.

She came home at about 10pm tonight from the Bland home, with Cason and Brevin in tow and opened her family presents…

All science kits! She loves these kind of things, and we love everything about her…happy 9 years moosey.


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  1. jane, i never knew that about myla. i am so sorry to hear that. i cant imagine how that would of my sisters twins ended up inthe hospital with a skull fracture when he was only a few weeks old and i remember my sister calling me in pure fear telling me to come quick. her husband was in Alaska and she was alone. it is pretty scary. I think we all bargain with the lord sometime in our lives. im sure glad myla was ok. she is a special girl with a special mom that loves her so much. Happy Birthday Myla!

  2. Happy Birthday Myla!!! Oh i love this girl too! I didn’t know how severe it was with her Skull Fracture. Crazy!!
    I love that she got all science projects, she would totally love all that. So fun! What a great Day for her!

  3. Happy Birthday Myla!! I have enjoyed working with and getting to know Myla these last two years. She is such a fun and energetic girl. She is always so sweet and giving. I love that she is always finding something to laugh at, she makes me smile. I think I am so drawn to her because she reminds me a lot of myself:)

    You should be a proud momma Jane!!

  4. Happy Late Birthday Myla! We love you! I remember rushing down to the hospital with my family when she was had the skull fracture. We were all so scared with you. She is truly amazing for all that she does and her wonderful mom who allows her to be herself!

  5. Happy Birthday, Myla! We are so glad you defied the odds. Jane & Dusty, I cannot begin to imagine how scary this must have been for your guys. So glad you have such a little fighter!

  6. And we love everything about Myla too! She makes me smile just thinking about her. Man, that makes me emotional just thinking about when she fell…so so glad she’s still here with us! We love you Myla–you rock!!

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