my myla and START RUNNING!

i’m not a big fan of running.

long distances.

but of course, i love to run if playing soccer.

that’s totally different.

i’ve had my days of running races, went through a little phase back after i gave birth to myla and kj. but those days have come and gone.


my bf decides to organize a race.


continually this amazing woman is helping to improve the world.

this time, if you run the race on september 19th, 2009 {more details to come} half of your $20.00 registration fee goes to her non-profit organization…to help those living on the sugar cane fields in the dominican republic.

and {also more details to come} this really COOL thing she is doing…after the race, you can donate any shoes including the shoes you wore for the race and those shoes will be worn in another race in the dominican republic.

the race is titled, “racing the cane” a metaphor for the people being raised there racing the sugar cane. either they grow up and get an education and get out of the cycle of a life on the sugar cane fields or they are forever in the system of working on the sugar cane fields. {again, more details to come.}

i started training tonight. my big papi and i went jogging. we have a little training guide to help us. so now, in addition to my typical five days a week work-out i will be running three days a week to prepare…

i am really excited about this, and have been talking about it around my home. i’m trying to get my kids motivated to do the “kiddie run.” no luck yet.

but when big papi and i returned home from our run tonight, my myla had made this piece of art for me…

i really like how i am bigger than the tree, and the water fountain is as tall as me. i also love that i am saying, “he hoa…” obviously i’m exhausted! seriously, i love that girl.


everyone start running! it’s a good cause…help a momma out and support daphne’s non-profit organization!

{i think the race is somewhere in utah county. more details to come on that too!}

10 responses to “my myla and START RUNNING!”

  1. I'm there, baby! I'm so there… also training, also trying to ressurrect my long-gone days of loving to run, also loving Daphne and thinking she is amazing. Perhaps I'll make a cameo in one of Myla's next pieces… 😉

  2. Can a girl ask for a better friend? (Besides the fact that you made me blush) Thanks for all your sweet words and for being my personal marketing director !!

  3. WOW Jane- so cool of you to put this on your blog! I LOVE how you always jump in and help our your friends. Especially Daphne, ok I am a little partial to her :-), but really thanks for your support, enthusiasm, and encouragement. You are an amazing friend to my wife- I just LOVE YOU!

    Ok I don't have all the details yet… those I too have to get from Daph! I will talk to her today and we will get all the details out to you and everyone. Thanks again!
    Troy Z. Blanchard

  4. For some reason this post was a great reminder to me that there are still such wonderful people in the world today, even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it.

    Good luck with all the training. Definitely worth a good cause!

  5. Daphne always inspires me to try harder, do more and be better. She is awesome! This sounds like a fabulous reason to get my lazy behind out running. Can't wait to hear the details!

  6. awesome. Daphne is a gem and a half. Once you have more details I'll spread the word to my Utah runner friends for sure!

  7. I'm in for sure. You'll have to post your training guide for us dummies 🙂 That is great and will give me something to work for.

    I love that Myla. She is so stinkin' creative. I wonder who she gets it from:)

  8. Love that girl! She is seriously super creative, Look out WORLD! 😉

    I am totally in on the RUNNING! Sounds so fun, Thanks for posting it to remind me.

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