my Myla

Myla’s first book report this year for 3rd grade could be any type of report –
poster, display, diorama, written, collage, etc…

She read a Magic Tree house book –

“Season of the Sandstorms”

then put her creativity to work…and made this!

The Magic Tree house, where Annie & Jack start their adventure then travel across the desert on camels to Baghdad, to find the Mosque with a gold dome…It turned out so cool!
Way to go, My! We are proud of you!

Kiana was actually jealous of Myla’s project. Her class just finished their first book report for this year, and they do a really cute “briefcase” style report. But, after watching Myla work on her project all weekend, Kiana had plans/ideas of what she would have built for her latest book. Kiana is going to put in a request today to her teacher so maybe she can do something like this sometime this year…

9 responses to “my Myla”

  1. OH MY GOSH!! So dang cute! I will need to Post a picture of Boston with his.. They turned out so cute and So creative.
    I love that. I wish the books were their choice always, then they could show the report like this and everyones imaginations. LOVE IT!
    Good job Myla!

    Were they due today?

  2. Too cute! Myla is very creative and how wonderful that she is so excited about a school project. I read your field trip post too – are you loving the small class sizes? Awesome!

  3. Way to go Myla, that is awesome! SHe is so creative, what a fun book report! It was so fun seeing you at Chase’s party Jane!!

  4. Um that is AMAZING! All my creativity got me when I was her age was the whole shoe box thing that everyone else was doing. I can’t even be that creative now. She’s awesome!

  5. WOW! Did I say that already-WOW!!! Myla is such a creative little girl so I would expect something great but that is a masterpiece!!

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