my myla

my Myla has a best boy, his name is Chase.
They have the most darling friendship…
Recently, Chase was in Hawaii and brought Myla home a pair of pearl earrings…
he chose the pearls (in oysters) and had the earrings made for her!

he’s won my heart.

Friday evening, Myla went with Chase’s family to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
While there, this conversation took place…

Chase: What if I kiss you before we’re 16?
Jenn {Chase’s Mom}: Remember Chase, Dusty has a gun…
Chase: {eyes as wide as saucers}
Myla: My Dad would be mad, but I think my Mom would be happy for me…

when Jenn told me the story of their “kissing” conversation she said within seconds of eavesdropping the conversation topic changed to the best method for catching bugs –

C’est la vie for my spunky 8 year old girl!

4 responses to “my myla

  1. That is Awesome! I am glad you have it written down. Wouldn’t that be so cute when they are older to show them this!

  2. Those two are really cute together. This will be fun to remember when they are older. Geoff and I were wondering if they ever will date when they are older. Chase has loved her for 4 years so far! We’ll see…

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