my myla…

when she’s not creating something, she’s thinking about creating something.

when she’s not thinking about creating something, she’s probably playing tennis, futsol, soccer, reading, scheming, playing computer games/video games, or watching tv/movies.

though to be honest, even when she’s doing these other things, i think she’s still thinking about creating.


her latest artwork from art school:

i love this first picture, because as she’s shows me her reindeer, she’s wearing a tennis skirt/outfit, headed to tennis… my myla.

this month: her valentine’s heart is on display in our entry…

she’s currently working on a 3-leaf clover for st. patrick’s day,
making sure we always have a piece of her artwork to display for the holidays.

she’s had a big fixation with modeling clay lately, too. creating clothes for her little pink panther figure, building dragons and houses for her siblings. i bought babybel cheese this week, and she’s been on a cheese-wax sculpture kick again, too. i think this has’t-to-be one of the best examples of repurposed/recycled art, eva! i keep finding cheese-wax-balls stashed around the house.

love my artsy-girl.

4 responses to “my myla…”

  1. She is SO super talented!! I love her art work, she is creative and talented just like her mama! She is darling!

  2. I LOVE that reindeer, it should be a Christmas card! Very talented, Myla!!! I was excited to create for you this week!

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