my myla

I walked into my bathroom tonight…


this little love note was waiting for me…

what i love most about this, is not only the sweet, thoughtful girl who left it there for me to find…

but I can completely picture the process involved. I imagine myla was brushing her teeth in my bathroom, getting ready for bed, {often distracted} she saw the hair accessories sitting on the counter, and her mind creatively put together the idea to write a message.

she has no idea how unique she is.

who knew a ponytail, headband, and some hair pins could show so much love?!?

LOVE that girl.

6 responses to “my myla”

  1. Seriously tearing up here…

    when i looked at this picture, at first i had know Idea what it was, then while reading totally saw it! She is My favorite kid. So totally creative!!

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