my “little man’s” day…

He played “Halo” all afternoon then we had dinner with the Bland’s, Blanchard’s, Howell Boys, and grandma Pat. He was the man of the day !
He opened presents from our family and the Blands {thank you!} His favorite gift was from Daddy – a new X-box 360 Halo-themed controller all for himself!

then he had some army men/halo birthday cake; he had one cake all to himself!

Thank you to all our wonderful friends who spent the day with us and made it all the more special. We love you. Currently, KJ, Dusty, and the Howell boys are still downstairs playing Halo. I went down to the basement to check on KJ a little while ago, I asked for a kiss from Master Chief, He gave me my kiss and then he closed the theatre curtains on me explaining, “this needs to be closed, we’re having a Halo party in here.” This could definitely go on till the wee hours of the morning…

12 responses to “my “little man’s” day…”

  1. HOW FUN!!I love it when they have a birthday party ALL Weekend!!
    He looks pretty pumped about his Halo controller too. So cute!

  2. We loved being there-thanks for letting us share in the big day (and for the yummy food). We had a great time!

  3. I know this is the most random thing to comment on with all the fun things that these pictures show, but Jane…I LOVE your Audrey Hepburn shirt. I worship A.H. and now I worship your shirt!

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