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I was about to go to bed (midnight) and as I was walking through my home turning off lights, I made it to my room and saw this – I, of course had to get a picture to show daddy…KJ soundly asleep face to “Star Wars” instruction pamphlet for the “Star Wars” game I brought him home as a surprise tonight. He has been patiently begging for this game and was simply over the moon with excitement when he got it toinght. Although, it was bedtime/school night and he didn’t get to play it yet, that will be the top of his agenda after school tomorrow!

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  1. ohhhh He is soooo cute! He is a total gamer too! This is the age where they totally get into Star wars, and the Games are actually really cool! Is it lego star wars? If so That is still one of Boston’s Fav’s!

  2. Yes, it’s Lego Star Wars. When we just went to Mexico we stayed in L.A. while going and coming home and the hotel we were at had the games you can rent in your room. KJ rented Lego star wars and seriously didn’t want to go to bed, he wanted to stay up all night playing…and he’s been begging for it since we got home.

  3. so Iam a little out of the loop i guess on the games. where can you get it and what is it? playstation or something like that? also jane if didnt get my last message…do you have any extra tickets when you guys all go to the nutcracker?

  4. sorry I didn’t get back with you quicker Terri, no, I don’t have any extra tickets for that night. But, on the 20th most of our group is in the grand tier, and a big group for Kiana is in the balcony. If you go online to arttix, and purchase tickets anywhere near those sections you’ll be near us… and KJ’s a little xbox 360 gamer and then all my kids have their own Nintendo DS’s…

  5. That game is Josiah’s favorite, he’s constantly trying to rope his sisters into playing it with him. KJ looks like he will be well rested and ready to tackle (or lightsaver?) the bad guys!

  6. What a cutie! He was PUMPED when he was here the other day cause we have Lego Star Wars for the XBox. He and Chase played it for about 2 hours!

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