my little cub

since dusty & i were dating,

we have dreamed of having a son…

who played baseball.

{yes, he’s played tee ball, and coach pitch. but they are not quite the same.}

our dream came true last week!
kj is playing ‘machine pitch’ on the Cubs for city league baseball.

we are in love with taking him to practice. big papi is an assistant coach. we really love going to his games. his sisters love being there. we love the snack shack. we really love his little bum in those baseball pants{!} we love his strut when he’s in his uniform walking around. we love the ‘big boy’ fields he plays at. we love how much he loves it. he thinks he’s so cool & big time. he has a new killer bat…

you should see him…after he hits & is running to first base, we are all SCREAMING “go kj! go! go! go!” then he gets to first base where his big papi is coaching. he’s all serious about listening to coach papi tell him when to run to 2nd base. kj has the cutest little stance on base.

ohhhhh. i could go on and on…our little cub, number seven!

it’s so good to have dreams.
go cubs!

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  1. Boston used to be the "cubs!" i love love love baseball games. Welcome to the "big time" games!! haha

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