my little burritos

as soon as daddy goes out of town, and it is bedtime… Kiana*Myla*KJ begin asking if they can sleep in my room (yes, all of them – no one is left out.) Last week at bedtime ~

Myla: “Mom, can I be a nacho in your room tonight?”
Mom: “A nacho? Do you mean a burrito?”
Myla: “OH yeah, a burrito” [chuckles at herself]

This is how the tradition goes, everyone chooses their spots (chaise lounge, bench at the end of the bed, IN my bed…)and I make these little makeshift beds (down comforters = the tortillas), one by one they get inside, I wrap them up very snug to tuck them in with lots of squeezes and tell them “you look just like a burrito, good night KJ burrito” etc. At times, I give little attacks of chomping kisses (usually only to KJ – he’s the only one that goes for this anymore) while telling them how delicious they are and I get lots of giggles in return. Here is a pic of one of my little burritos tonight…he is drowning in his tortilla.

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  1. You’re such a cute mom! I can’t believe Dusty is gone so long. I would die. You’re the woman. I also wish I could have enjoyed the snow. I actually miss cold weather if you can imagine that… I know I’m crazy. I would love a snow storm right now. I’ll try to enjoy the beach as much as I can though. It’s been so hot here lately.

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