my little Amelia Earhart

Myla’s class has been studying great Americans and Inventors in Social Studies lately, and she was given the assignment of doing an oral report on Amelia Earhart. It was an option to dress up, use props, charts, etc. She used this picture as her inspiration for her costume and ran all over the house looking for the right things. Thanks to KJ she had the shirt, tie, and jacket. That hat is actually hers! She did such a great job, and even was able to answer questions from the kids in her class that was from information she had read but not included in her report. While preparing this report she became very fascinated with Amelia, she thought it was so cool that she was the first woman to fly over the Atlantic, and to attempt to fly around the world. Maybe my Myla will fly around the world one day.

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  1. So darling! I love Myla’s strength and her spunky spirit… she is so fun! And if I’m right, she has her mom’s adventurous blood running through her veins and will DEFINITELY travel the world and see it all!

  2. Darling, it is so fun to see them learn and grow. Can’t believe these sweet little ones are already 8. I was going through some old photos last night and found a pic of Kade, Nicholas and Mayla dressed as Indians for Pre-School. Hey, please let me know how to make the heart pillows and how much fabric they take. I think we are going to make them for Kade’s Class Valentine Party.

  3. I love it!! She is seriously so creative!
    Boston was trying to tell me all about who she was, he just couldn’t remember her name! SO cute!
    We are still thinking of something for him to wear, when it’s his turn…Thomas Edison!

  4. How cute is Myla’s Amelia outfit? Even more impressive is the fact that she found all of that stuff in your closets! I have been working my way through your old posts since I found your blog quite awhile after you started it. You seem to be very active in all of your kids’ classes. They are lucky to have a mom that is so involved in their educatino. Your post makes school sound so exciting and fun!

  5. So cute! It looks like she did awesome on her presentation. I’m impressed with her outfit. She looks just like her 🙂

  6. How cute is she? It’s always so fun (and such a relief) when you’re kids are in to what they are learning at school! Good for her.

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