my kinfolk

We returned home ten days ago from our very favorite family vacation yet. and, with the whirlwind of jumping back into Fall schedules and routines i’ve been reminiscing how wonderful our trip was and wishing just a bit that we were still there.

this trip served three purposes.

one: i was raised in Montesano, Washington with a good deal of time spent all-over the state as a child due to the fact my kinfolk were scattered all-over the Northwest. Since my Dad passed away on 9/9 – two days before 9/11 {it was a very emotional week in 2001.}, I have not been back to visit family, or friends since his funeral. meaning: MY KIDS have really never met their Beckner family! absurd.

two: Not only did i want my kids {and husband, and myself} to re-connect with family & friends. I wanted all of us to see the sites i grew-up with.

three: mix in a little family road trip/summer vacation.

so, with these three purposes in mind, i planned a Washington-state-family-reunion-road-trip-vacation-style. and. it was awesome.

{nieces: Jennifer Beckner, moi, Jessica Beckner & Lyric} * {cousins Beau Beckner, moi, Irina & Brock Beckner}

the first evening we arrived in seattle, we had a family reunion-style dinner with kinfolk i have currently living in or near seattle. we dined at the famous Ivar’s Acres of Clams, with beautiful views of the sound right on pier 54.

{our family + nephew Ken Hirsch & Jessica Rodriquez-Jenkins, Jasmine & Isabel}

I’m curious, do you live in or near your hometown or do your travel their frequently? It was so so good, and fun to go back to my roots. I hope it will not be another 11 years before it happens again. and, i feel in modern day, everyone is busier than they used to be, I know it’s so hard to break away from work, and responsibilities — i owe one more big thank you to everyone who took time to meet up with us while traveling. mercy darlings. xo.

{photos by me.}

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