my husband went to the big dance in Detroit without me…

but he had plenty of people to dance with {72,000 actually}, including this guy-

Dusty & Tark the Sharkwho is Tark, you ask? It might be Dusty’s favorite basketball coach EVER

Dusty, “Coach Tark…Best championship ever 1990. I’m from Vegas baby!”

{Tark smiled}

Dusty then hit him up for the pic…what a smooth talker.

*Dusty claims five different people he didn’t know gave him a high five after getting the pic.

3 responses to “my husband went to the big dance in Detroit without me…”

  1. That guy probably loved being recognized cause I’m sure it doesn’t happen often. I still don’t know who he is or where Dusty is?
    Oh, and Chase’s class really is that small! Next year he will be in a 4th/5th grade combination with more kids but this year he has a super small class.

  2. WHAT?? Jen… WHAT??? That is Tark the shark baby… his UNLV team in 1990 beat Duke by the largest deficit EVER! He’s a legend… been to the Final Four 4 times… winning it all once. When I got done… about 3-4 people I didn’t know in the crowd gave me a high five!

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