my girls

Myla is our ultra affectionate/sensitive child, going along with that she is the one prone to hiding out in her bedroom for long periods of time to write all of us notes that she hides around the house for us. I would say 3-5 nights a week Dusty & I get in bed to find notes on our nightstand for one of us. Or we will come home from a date night when Myla is already sleeping and find notes for us. I ABSOLUTELY love it. Kiana, on the other hand, is not as openly affectionate and its very challenging at times for her to reveal that side of herself. This difference has always been a small stress on Kiana and Myla’s relationship, for example, Myla would love to hold Kiana’s hand everywhere they go but you can see that it nearly makes Kiana’s skin crawl to hold Myla’s hand…Myla ADORES Kiana and much of the time, Kiana politely tolerates Myla. So, in the past 2-3 months I have watched this amazing change take place. Maybe its just because Myla is really growing up and seems less annoying or maybe because Kiana started to notice this about herself and just wants to change all on her own (because she only has this challenge in our family with Myla – she is amazing with KJ and Sela) BUT Kiana has been trying SO hard to return the love Myla gives her lately. Last night, we were all going to bed and we ALL found these notes from Myla.She had written a few to all of us…Mine said things like, “Mom, I love you so so much; Mom, I hope you never die because your the best mom in the world, etc.” I never read the ones Myla wrote to Kiana but this morning I walked into Myla’s room and found this note from Kiana to Myla and I was so overwhelmed with Kiana’s desire… If you can’t see the letter well it says, “Dear Myla, I’m so sorry I have not been the best big sister so now I’m changing and I’m going to be the best big sister in the world!” Kiana.

Our children never stop teaching us, do they.

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  1. k..seriously, i am wiping tears!
    LOVE that girl, and how sweet of Myla to write letters to everyone all the time.
    Kiana, is such a great older sister and how cute to find things like that around the house!

  2. What a sweet story about your girls. They are so sweet! One of the best parts of being a parent to me, was watching my children evolve into these amazing human beings and watch as their relationships with each other changed and grew throughout the years until now they are best friends (there were times I thought it would never happen). They are each so individual and unique and have their own attributes to contribute to the family mix. Thanks for sharing your insights on your sweet family.

  3. OK – that is so sweet! I LOVE it when kids grow and learn and they do things that amaze us and inspire all of us to be better. To have the pure heart of a child!

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