my first impact from the writer’s strike…

The third season recently concluded, and am I the only person disappointed? It’s OBVIOUS that the last 2 eipisodes were written without the original writers because everything was off. Bad lines, bad camera shots, cheesy scenes…you name it. I have been thinking for the past couple months, “Why is everyone complaining about the Writer’s Strike? All my shows are still great!” Till now. {big sigh} And, I expected to have at least half a dozen more episodes this year…

At least, I still have “American Idol” and “L O S T” for now to keep me looking forward to TV time. Maybe I’ll take on a new series – anyone have any recommendations? I love getting caught up by DVD because then you get to watch all the episodes back to back, it’s the best.

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  1. No you were NOT the only one… we were DEFINITELY disappointed with the last couple of episodes. Those were my exact thoughts and Matt and I even discussed it with disgust. There were a couple of cool things thrown in, but not enough to redeem the rest of the BAD, cheesy, totally IMPLAUSIBLE scenes. I thought “Is this seriously the best Michael Schofield could come up with? You’re kidding!” I wonder what the actors thought when they read the script… Lame writing really does make SUCH a difference! ANd that’s what we have always loved about the show! The writing and characters have always been so incredible that it keeps you coming back for more… Matt isn’t sure he wants “more” if it’s going to be so ridiculous! 🙂

  2. Troy’s dad got me into this show when it first started. It was sooooo suspenseful. I somehow got off track and haven’t watched it forever.

    As for other shows, Troy and I sometimes watch Big & Rich or Rock of Love every once in awhile. It’s totally our secret shame!

  3. Oh, and thanks for your response to my desperate cry for blogging help! Last night I found a disc that came with the camera. Duh. I’m sure that will help things out a bit. Thanks!

  4. how funny~We are on Season 3 right now, like 3 episodes in. Thanks for the Heads up, it should be Interesting!
    I LOVE American Idol too, is there anything else worth watching! ;o

  5. I started watching Lipstick Jungle and it is somewhat worth watching. Not to die for, but fascinating to a boring all-my-life Provoan that wishes she could be a big New York high-powered ad exec. or designer. Let me know what you think if you watch it.

  6. We totally love Friday Night Lights (it hasn’t been on for a few weeks now though) and you could get caught up on it with the DVD’s which I totally agree is the best way to go! I have also heard that October Road is really good, but I haven’t seen it-I need to watch that on DVD.

  7. American Idol is my favorite. Shannon and Cory said we had to watch Prison Break so we watched the first 2 episodes from Season 1 and I was very unimpressed so we stopped.

  8. I had to give up on Prison Break when they (spoiler alert!) cut off Sara’a head and put it in a box. That really made me mad! I admit I am totally a Tivo junkie. I love Project Runway (ended last night), Friday Nught Lights, Biggest Loser, Lost, Lipstick Jungle, and of course American Idol.

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