my final oil paintings…

we could use a realistic photo or a more illustrated image for our resource,

my landscape – inspired by stacie albano, here.
{you have to click on that link & select the icon with the chair/wall art to see the original.}

{you can sneak a peek at my new wallpaper above, pictures coming soon!}

the final project, if inspired by an abstract or painterly artist, we had to complete a series of their works, my final pieces were a collection inspired by paule’ marrot, here. here. here. and here.

it feels great to be finished with school! i have a four month break. but…

wow. the schedule-adjusting is taking longer than i expected! sela & i have been lazy! i really like a very scheduled-routine, especially for this phase of craziness we are in with four kiddo’s doing so much, dusty & i doing so much, etc. etc.

and now…

i cannot get my act together! some days, it’s 1pm, and i’m still in sweats…other days, it’s 3pm and i’m still wondering when i’m going to work-out?!? at the end of most days, i think, “did i really not accomplish any more than THAT today?”

i have such high expectations for this summer, lots of play, lots of lazy, and lots of lessons/projects i want to do! i gotta get my routine figured out this week!

our kids are out of school the end of next week {which i LOVE} and there needs to be a somewhat functioning plan by then! 😉

3 responses to “my final oil paintings…

  1. Everyone needs a week or so to do just what you are doing. Especially very scheduled Moms like us. You'll know when you are ready to enter society again. I love having that time with just one at home. Sela is probably in heaven.

  2. You are SO talented! Those oil paintings are amazing. I really am blown away at your talent. I can't even make a stick figure look good. I am going to have to buy a Jane painting for my home.

    I can't wait for the summer to come. Can I come swim at your pool? It looks fun. You can come play on our slip and slide, that's all I have to offer:)

  3. hmmm sweats still at midnight?? welcome to my life!! haha

    enjoy these lazy days now, because you are FAR from lazy. Can't wait for Volleyball nights. My favorites summer nights!

    We need to get these little ladies together soon.


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