my favorite vitamins in the whole world.

i believe in good health. exercise. a balanced diet.

but, on top of all that, i also believe in a great multi-vitamin. no matter what your age. my kids take vitamins. i take vitamins. my husband takes vitamins. when i’m pregnant i take all kinds of extra vitamins. A friend’s told me about lectin recently and that makes me want a few more.

and, i passionately believe we are more healthy because of this. I really do believe that vitamins and minerals are really important for your body. I have a few friends who get low iron levels which is caused by low phosphate. There are many treatments that they can take but they should also be careful.
I am all for taking things to make your body better. Whether that be feeling better by using cbd gummies for relief from pain or anxiety (Checkout this website for more info about that) or vitamin gummies being easier for you to get the extra nutrients into your body, it’s so important to feel better about yourself and to be better to yourself.

not only to become more healthy, but also so that we get more energy, which also evolves into a happiness.

about two years ago, i bleached my hair…like pretty much dipped my head into a pan of hair bleach. for a long time, i had really wanted to be platinum blond. think: gwen stefani blond. not just highlights, but LOTS of highlights.

big mistake.

you can get the idea, here, but please don’t go looking for more pictures during that time, it was bad.

the consequence of bleaching my hair like that was that i lost two-thirds of my hair, and the hair i had left…no longer felt like hair.

i literally killed it.

this was exactly two years ago.

for the past twenty-four months i have been giving my hair love, love, love. hoping it would improve & return to normal.

my first step at the time was changing my vitamins, to help my hair. at this post-hair-loss time, my husband was taking “Nature’s Way, Alive!” vitamins and recommended i do so also.

the daily dose is three vitamins for adults. instead of taking all three of those vitamins at once in the morning, i like to take one with each of my three main meals. i believe more nutrients are absorbed into my system this way. i even carry a bottle of vitamins in my handbag in case i am eating out or traveling so i rarely miss taking all three vitamins per day.

immediately, not only did my hair start improving, but i NOTICEABLY felt better. i felt better than i had ever felt with any other type of vitamins. when i wake up in the morning, after i’ve had my ‘first’ breakfast, and i’ve taken my first vitamin, within fifteen minutes i start to feel myself pick up. it really is a ‘whole food energizer.’

and, {knock on wood} since i started taking these vitamins, for two years, i have not been sick. not one runny nose. not one cough. no sore throats. nothing. just very healthy. yeah, i’ll have an occasional day here or there where i am totally exhausted. but, i do that to myself, no vitamin could help with that!

if you are local, i purchase these vitamins at the Harmons on 800 north in orem. one of my favorite grocery stores in utah county. they run on average $28.00/for a bottle of 90 vitamins.

cheers to good health!

{a few more health & beauty posts coming up this week…}

5 responses to “my favorite vitamins in the whole world.”

  1. I too, went platinum (at the request of my husband) a few years ago. The exact same thing happened with my hair. It fell out, my scalp was burned, and I looked like white trash:) ha ha ha
    Wish I knew about these fantastic vitamins then. I am going to try them for sure. Thanks.

  2. looks like I'll have to have some family pick me up a bottle! I NEED to take vitamins daily…not just when I feel a cold coming on! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've taken generic prenatal vitamins to try to get my thin, over-colored hair to grow long and hadn't had much luck. I recently switched to GNC's Be-Vitamins that promises beautiful hair, skin & nails. So far so good. My hair does seem thicker.
    I might have to try these multis too. Great post. 🙂

  4. thank you for this!!! I have nice hair, but I'm trying to make it stronger and longer faster (i cut it and miss my long hair) so thanks for your beauty posts because I love them. and your lash one was sooo perfect for my mom who has wanted them but didn't know anyone who has tried them!

  5. i am married to an avid "Vitamin taker" he also stocks us all up with Omega 3's!

    i love "vitamin code" for women, i usually get sick off of vitamins, but not "alive" or "vitamin code"…

    LOVE your blog look!

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