my favorite treats in the whole wide world

come from this little candy shop
in provo, utah.
{click on the image above if you’d like the address}
chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

they’re not just any chocolate covered cinnamon bears, they must come from “startup candy co.” or they won’t do.

and if you know me, more than likely i have shared these favorite treats of mine, with you.

this week, in preparation for the holidays, i picked up a large order of these babies and our family just might be bringing your family a box of them soon. or in jenn granum’s case, i won’t forget you sweetie, yours will be in the mail very soon.

now, if my scale had a voice it would say,

“jane! slow down on the chocolate covered cinnamon bears, i can’t keep up with the increase down here!” ohhhhhh, my bulging tummy has fond memories of my flat tummy, but i won’t be seeing it for a while. sigh.

10 responses to “my favorite treats in the whole wide world”

  1. I have such fun memories of going to Startup Candy with my Nana and getting candy. She would always let us choose whatever we wanted!
    I do agree only their chocolate cover bears are the best.

  2. I've always loved chocolate cinnamon bears but I do remember when you gave me a box of these ones! They were awesome 🙂

  3. These are my favorite chocolate treat by a million miles! My favorite treat, though, is plain cinnamon bears with an ice cold Diet Coke and fresh lime. It's making me hungry. Lunch, anyone?

  4. Hi Jane! Did you receive my email a few days ago? I'm needing to know what DS game you were talking about to Holly on the way home from dance. We've got to give Santa the message asap:) Thank you so much for bringing her home!

  5. We've lived in Utah for as long as we have and yet I've never heard of these OR Start Up Candy Company.

    My soon to be home Missionary would love these. May need to pay Provo a visit.

  6. Those look delicious! Have you tried the ones from Winder Farms? I'm wondering how they compare cus those are my fav!

  7. They have a milk and dark chocolate version. Which is better? Heading to Provo today and I thought I would pick some up. I’m also wondering if you’ve tried the winderfarms version. My husband loves those, but we haven’t tried the ones you recommend.

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