my extraordinarily-talented friend…

she took our family pictures recently…

since my kids have been wearing these 3D movie glasses as an accessory
for the past 2 months, they were my inspiration for our session.
and, we took the pictures here, right next to our home,
so i love the home sweet home scenery connection.

i am obsessed with the pictures {obsessed!},
they turned out exactly how i’d hoped and better.
mindy totally captured our family life through her lens…

her photography style is brilliant.

the first time i saw the pictures, i just sat there stunned,
and had one thought over and over and over…




{click here to check out a few more}

now, my creative mind is going a hundred miles per hour
trying to finalize a design-layout for our annual christmas cards.

so fun, it’s my own little holiday boot camp!

2 responses to “my extraordinarily-talented friend…

  1. absolutely beautiful!!!

    every family picture you guys take is perfect. i love these! Love those kids and love love love that they were at your home. so perfect.

  2. Jane!! Love you and your family! You were the perfect family to photograph… in my dreams, all families would be just like yours. xo

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