my blog: spring cleaning.

dear friends, family, and the blogging-community in general…

i am starting some serious spring cleaning on my blog.

one of the first changes is taking place on my right column.

my “bloggity-blogs”, “private blogs”,”shops/brands i like”, and “you should visit” sections are on their way out!

i’ve officially joined the world of ‘google-reader’ where i have transferred all of your links+more and i will be visiting you via my reader.

so, when you see that your blog link has left my blog, please, please, please,
do not feel bad. i am still reading. still visiting. still commenting. you are all still my favorite people!

i will be reading in a more-updated way, more time efficient for me,
and a cleaner look for my blog.

i adore you all.


in case you always link to someone’s blog via my blog, i will keep them there until thursday…copy the links now, they’ll be gone soon!

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  1. I keep thinking I should join Google Reader but I don't know much about it. I suppose maybe I should look into it?

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