My blog is going “private” in 2 weeks…

If you are on my “bloggity-blogs” you will likely be added, but in case I don’t have your information and/or you want to be added – please leave me your email address.. or email it to me, my email address is on the right.

19 responses to “My blog is going “private” in 2 weeks…”

  1. Hi jane
    This is Tami, Terris sister, sorry I sometimes visit your little families website cuz i love to see your kids dance and hear about your vacations. So fun so if you dont mind Iwould love to stay in your blogity blog people. YOur so dang cute.

  2. CHANDLERS are a fan of your blog. What has made you think of going private? I am always going back and forth and can never decide. We may be going private too. Let us in on your private blog!!!! Hope all is well!

  3. Hi Jane-

    I wondered how you did it all!! I think we just need to slow down sometimes…please keep me in the loop. Love ya.


  4. Hi jane… It’s elle and even though we don’t have a blog.. I still LOVE seeing your beautiful kids grow up!! Please keep me on so that i can still see them.. 🙂

    my email is

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