my bijou faves

if you missed the bijou market this past weekend. here were some of my favorite goods from now & in the past… lucky for you, most of these fine handmade-crafters have etsy shops!

i was shopping for easter & mother’s day gifts, with a few little must-have accessories that got mixed in… i would much rather have all these handmade treasure for easter goodies than generic-mass-produced goods.

take a look!


vintage fern makes these darling little bags. i purchased the one sela is using below at the last market & she uses it almost every day. she likes to keep her itouch, lip gloss, and other Small-girlie goodies tucked away in there. it’s the perfect size for her. because she loves the bag so much & really uses it, i grabbed another one for her this past weekend – it’s a mustard yellow fabric mix with an adorable little owl on it. you can check out more bags from her shop, here.

jellabee had a booth packed with small-affordable goodies. i loved these bows – they are maybe only 2″ wide, if smaller, so they will tuck into plastic easter eggs very easily! and, these little vintage inspired button-looking-pocket mirrors are perfect basket size too!

{i picked up a few of each for the girlie’s in our family, i can see sela packing the pocket mirror in her little bag above too!}

freshly picked is always a fave, i have her goods all-over our home. this past weekend, i literally stood at susan’s booth for at least five minutes trying to decide which color of moccasins to choose for miss four. i really wanted to justify buying them in every color she makes!!! and, of course, miss thirteen already sports a red-striped bag, but couldn’t we find reason to own every bag?!?

love this shop.

now, i know these arrows by verla ivans are meant for decoration. and, after they are played with, they are likely to be used as decorations… however, i also know i would bet money that when myla & kj get these on easter morning, myla will spend the morning building homemade bows for each of them & before we all know it, they’ll be in the forest out back playing… for hours. i love the colors they come in, just gorgeous!

ok. don’t miss this one, wee waldorf is incredible! this, and this are just darling! i have a serious fetish with toys that are natural-looking, and made out of wood. ohh-la-la. and, they come with canvas pouches to store the pieces in!

sweet kiwi crochet has the cutest hats! sela~bella loves her owl, and the umba-lumba dog!

wendy and peter is an all-time fave around here. we have 2 of these stripey-headbands. they are the perfect accessory in my opinion. you can see one here on myla in our nerdy family pics that we used on our christmas card this past year.


do you have favorite-handmade-shops? or easter gift ideas? please share!

and, my next favorite handmade-craft-boutique is coming in may! mark your calendars for May 5, 6, and 7th, you don’t want to miss the next beehive bazaar!

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