mustard yellow and pink.

sela’s going-away party! sela requested “mustard yellow” which happens to be one of her favorite colors – and then when we were buying treats/etc. she kept saying “mustard yellow….AND PINK!” totally fits this baby girl of mine.

how cute are all these little girls? omgosh, killer. all those swimsuit ruffles!

this party was fun for all my kids because each bestie of mine who has a miss four-five, has older kids who are also buddies with my older kids, so everyone had fun – again!

shannon was taking the picture of myla & boston, and pointed out how myla was almost as tall as him now! myla loved that – she has always thought of herself as the shortest one her age, and she really grew so much this year! shannon: pretty much the funnest momma around – she was going down our water slide with all the kiddos!

my little miss four wanted her toes to match mine this week, so we were purple twins. ::smiles::

4 responses to “mustard yellow and pink.”

  1. Such fun parties!
    Makes my heart ache a little bit, know how much it sucks to have to watch good friends fly away.
    Also know how much it sucks to leave, but how exciting the future is.
    Much prefer to be the one leaving!!!

  2. So the request for “mustard” yellow is cracking me up! What a funny little girl! All the going away parties is making me sad, even though we have already been gone for years. You know what we need to do? Have an annual girls trip somewhere for the weekend so we can all stay in touch. OK?

  3. I’m so bummed we missed it. I can’t show these pictures to Reegan otherwise she will be so sad! Looks like it was a blast!! 🙂

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