museum of science

the museum of science sits right over the charles river in boston.

it’s hu-mongous, and filled with endless exhibits to entertain kids, and adults. we made our first visit in july, and purchased a family membership for the year. so, we will be returning many, many, many times.

lately i’ve been thinking about all the planning, and work that has gone in to our little “bahston” adventure…

and i am exhausted thinking about it! ::smiles::

no, really. i think about how my friend jennifer said recenlty, “nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.

we started planning this “adventure” at least 18 months ago – maybe two years ago – i’m not sure – and do you know what? it all started one morning over breakfast when husband said, “we should move to boston…

just like that. that simple.

the kids and i all looked at him, no one laughed, we all raised our eyebrows, and thought, “hmmmm… we could do that.” and the planning began. lots of planning.

just like our move across the country, setting up our home here, getting four kids ready everyday, changing schools, planning meals, getting everyone to their activities, taking care of myself, scheduling extra events like visiting a museum… it takes a lot of work.

{everyone loved the lightning-show!}

{and more…}

all that planning & work:
it is worth it. it is always worth it.

dear readers, do you have any big plans???

3 responses to “museum of science”

  1. Jane! So glad to be back reading your blog again! Sounds like you are having the times of your lives in Boston! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. It’s always hard to start over, start new-but your planning seems like it has turned the hard to fun! Beginnings don’t always have to be of the many lessons you are teaching your children.

  3. Well, I suppose it wasn’t really PLANNED from the beginning, but my husband and I are expected our first child in December! While the pregnancy was a total SHOCK! (We were planning to start trying this fall and winter) The planning since we found out about our little man (yes it’s a boy!) has been so exciting and full of love. We can’t wait to meet him! Decorating the nursery, buying my first mommy-mobile, and of course buying up all the new born apparel available for our favorite college and professional sports teams has been such an incredible and life changing experience. I can’t WAIT! 🙂

    Happy to see you all settled in Boston!

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