I have been digital scrapbooking, around the clock. Seriously.

About 18 months ago, or so, I purchased 2 packages of projects from Heritage makers. I was gung-ho about the company and spit out my first book in just a few days….then I started my second book and somewhere in the middle got sidetracked with life…till now.

Now, many moons later… Heritage Makers has sent me ample email warnings that my projects are going to expire. I have hit the button for “one-time” free extensions on my expirations that will give me until September 28th…

Still, I have six books & 2 canvas posters to finish in the next 4 weeks! I completed 3 in the last week, that is amazing.

And, I finished season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy…only to find out there is still one more season to watch before it comes back on the air this Fall! BUT, there is always a BUT… I went to purchase season 4 on DVD tonight and found out it will not be released until SEPTEMBER 9TH! I pre-paid to reserve a copy, BUT, there is always a BUT… I have LOVED watching Grey’s every morning while I do my elliptical, SO, I had to find another series on DVD to start watching. I chose “The Hills.” I wanted to start, “Sex and the City,” but, there is always a but, “FYE” did not have a used copy of season ONE – for sale. It will have to wait till next time.

Exciting news, KJ and Myla started their outdoor soccer seasons the past 2 weeks and the first games were last night and tonight. I love spending time at ball parks! Seriously. The exciting news is, my always-wants-to-play-video-games son, scored TWO goals in his first game last night and played the entire game without whining about taking a break! Dusty was so over-the-top proud. Myla played an awesome game tonight against an incredibly tall team, and no one on her team scored but she played so hard!

Off for now, more digital scrapbooking to do!

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  1. k… i Love the Hills! Cory can’t stand it so i have to watch it while he is sleeping ( i think he still follows it. haha)

    Also my credits are expiring as well. I am not In love with Heritage makers. I think it is so hard to get the picture to be centered perfect, so while you are up scrapbooking think of me, i NEED Help!!!

    Love that KJ Scored 2 goals at his Game!!! I love this time of year!

  2. I wish Troy & I could dance like these kids! You should see us at weddings… AWKWARD 😉

    How are things going with the big kids at school? Please tell me it eventually gets easier to send them out into the world! Give Sela a hug from us – I hope she's not too lonely in the day without her big brother & sisters.

    Troy & I were de-cluttering our house last weekend and I threw my SATC DVDs into the D.I. pile! They are currently en route to your casa. Enjoy – and make sure the kiddos aren't around 😉

  3. Jane, I feel you…I’ve been trying to make the transition to digital scrapbooking. I’ve done a little but I’m still insanely behind, geesh! I really like Rhonna Farrer’s stuff on two peas website.
    I hope you’re enjoying The Hills. Brook watches it with me but only because he rips on Spencer the whole time:)

  4. You really should go with memory mixers next time. It cheaper the books are exactly the same, and you only order when you want, no expiration. that is partly why i quite being a consultant for them.
    If you need ant free kits for digi scrapbooking, I am a designer. I give free kits every week on my blog.

  5. O.K. funny that you are watching The Hills. I am addicted and Matt makes so much fun of me! We hate Spencer and Heidi…could they be any worse???

  6. I am 12 years behind in scrapebooking. LOL!!! I have never watched the hills, but maybe I will have to start. I can not wait for Grey’s to start! LOVE!!!

  7. don’t get too excited about season three. it was the year i ALMOST gave up on Grey’s. The last few episodes are good but for the most part, this season made me crazy. i swear you could just watch the season finale and be totally fine to start season 4.

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