mr. & mrs. burton

when i joined the rhodes family, 13 years ago, and dusty and i dated for the year previous to that…bridget was about 10 years old. she has always been a gem of a sweetheart. so genuine. ambitious. hard-working. honest. her smile radiates from deep within, and she has a soul of goodness.

i have loved the time i have spent with bridget, it seems like yesterday when i was styling her hair for prom, or listening to her and her sisters giggle about their social lives. long gone are those days. they are all beautiful women now. over the years, we have watched bridget dominate at the rodeo, her love of the country and horses runs deep in her veins. it will definitely pass on to generations to come.

from what i understand, bridget and scott have known each other and/or been dating for nine years! it was high time to seal the deal! {hehe}

it was so beautiful to share this day with scott & bridget, it was quite possibly the most genuine and sincere vows i have ever heard…they have an amazing future ahead of them. The wedding was so beautiful and I know how much thought she put into everything. I remember her telling me about when she went dress shopping. She had about 5 different wedding dresses that she loved and she couldn’t choose which one to get! She definitely made the right choice, she looked great.

love you both! xoxo.

…and they lived happily ever after!

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  1. Thank you so much for the amazing post Aunt Jane!!! I was so happy that you, Dusty and the kids could all make it. Scott and I love you all and if you do not mind I am going to steal some of the amazing pictures that you took!!

  2. Wow, I think you found another title…"Photographer"
    Great Pictures, I love Myla's hair, it's gorgeous. Cute outfits and I love the shoes…

    So how was the Drive??

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