mr. & mrs. atkin

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dusty’s niece lisa davis and her fiance’ matt atkin started their life together this past weekend and we were so thrilled to share in their excitement during the ceremony and celebration.

sela was lisa and matt’s flower girl! sela loved wearing the dress, being barefoot, and performed her duties beautifully. although, she did not drop any flowers. there was a moment, while sela was walking down the aisle that she really contemplated dropping one or kissing it, but in the end she chose not to drop any. they all remained in her basket, the entire night!

pre-wedding playtime…
i want to note here, kj is always kissing his little sis. he is such a loving kid.
three of our nieces – who were bridesmaids…the ring bearer {brad – sela’s 2nd cousin, and son of the bride}, and the flower girl…the second picture is when she really contemplates what she should do with one petal, and then decides…nothing. hehe. so cute!the first picture is the mother of the bride, nancy, {dusty’s sis}…then the father of the bride {lee} and the bride {the beautiful as ever, lisa}
dani & lisa~ sisters.
lookie, lookie! dani is a beautiful woman now, but when she was six years old, she was our flower girl, when we got married!!
our beautiful nieces – shauna, chassy, and dani~
dancing~ matt & lisa are just a gorgeous couple, and genuine sweethearts…
kj dancing with sela at the reception, i love that he even turned her! you can see how he takes the lead, raises his arm, pushes her through, i love it!
family pictures ~ nancy, lee, and lisa
the davis’~
the davis/rhodes families~

the toast ~
the cake~
the garter~
the bouquet~
party favors~
our family ~ we had a wonderful time at the wedding, i even caught my hubby all teary eyed after the ceremony. he said he was thinking about the day we got married, such a tender-hearted man i have. best wishes lisa & matt, we love you!

to all the rhodes who couldn’t make it…we missed you, we love you, and we hope to see you at the next family wedding!!!

4 responses to “mr. & mrs. atkin”

  1. Beautiful wedding! I love Sela as the flower girl. She looks absolutely adorable!

    Could your family be any cuter?!
    LOVE the wedding, it looked gorgeous. Great pics!

  2. Beautiful! What a beautiful wedding. Sela is so cute, I love her dress and she did a perfect job as the flower girl. You have a darling family Jane!

  3. Great pics! You could have been the wedding photographer. Sela is adorable and so grown up!

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