mr. and mrs. salas

this wedding was the highlight of our philippines trip last week. we were able to share in the beautiful celebration of lovella mercado & jeremy salas. lovella has been a dear friend of our family for years. dusty has known her and her family for about 15 years, and i have known her for about 13 years. She even lived with dusty, kiana, myla and i back when we lived in the philippines for six months in pro look’s early years. lovella and jeremy are childhood friends, but actually started dating while they were both nurses in london. dusty and i met jeremy in london when we took our 10th anniversary european trip almost 4 years ago. we knew back then they had something special going on…

love and jeremy currently are working and living in australia, but they came home to the philippines to share their special day with all the family and friends who wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. this was no ordinary wedding ceremony/reception, it was beautiful. unreal. a perfect day for their perfect love.

lovella’s sister myla {my myla’s namesake} & nephew amiel/nephew rourionlovella’s mom & dad/ lovella’s daughter Patricia, my myla’s friendthe beautiful bride…mr. & mrs. jeremy salasthe wedding ceremony & reception decor was the most beautiful decorations i have ever seen. dusty & i agreed we felt like we were at a celebrity wedding! the dinner was delicious, the program was so creative & unique, awesome live entertainment, everything was so charming.

one of the funniest traditions we hadn’t seen before is after the groom throws the garter and the bride has thrown her bouquet, they make the guy who caught the garter use his teeth to put it on the girl who caught the bouquet…and in most cases like this night, they don’t know each other! it was a riot! they also had a couple of other traditions that were truly hilarious!alson & dustythis is dusty & i with alson & myla, the owners of pro look’s main factory in the philippines, these two and their family are an extension of our family.the rhodes/mercado/bungay families-the cake was so beautiful, and the guests all went home with a little one in these cute boxes at the end of the night.

best wishes lovella & jeremy! we love you.

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