mr. and mrs. mudloff

alicya is one of dusty’s nieces that we haven’t had as many opportunities to spend time with over the years…

so it was so nice to catch up with her and her groom at their wedding!

as a couple, they are adorable…

4 responses to “mr. and mrs. mudloff”

  1. I LOVE your dress, it's adorable… you think I could borrow it for the governor's ball next month??… I'm sure my 8 month prego body would be able to squeeze right into it! hahaha.

    You're a babe!

  2. Hi Jane!

    I love reading your blog! I came across it when I was looking for a dessert recipe and your blog came up.

    I LOVE your kids outfits! Where on Earth do you shop and why aren't I finding the same things! lol

  3. hey samantha – i shop in a myriad of places for my kids clothing, but if i had to narrow it down to my three favorite places it would probably be – crewcuts {j.crew for kids}, nordstrom, and bloomingdales {online.}

    thanks for the comment.

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