mr. and mrs. mcnutt

dusty’s niece shauna and her fiance’ jason,
were married june 20th, 2009
in ely, nevada {the birthplace of my husband}

ceremony & reception held at the Ely railroad depot-

{reminder: you can double-click on any pictures to see them larger.}the wedding ceremony~
dusty & his siblings –
dusty*kenny*ruthy{mother of the bride}*nancy*ryan
dusty & his sis nancy are helping their niece pin-up her bustle…

the reception~
the $$$ dance!!!more dancing till late hours of the night! line dancing, country swing, hip-hop, you name it…we danced it!kiana and myla
{myla with her shoes off…sore feet from all that dancing!}i could NOT find myla & kj for quite some time during the reception –
where were they? out back with their cousin, playing with fire…best wishes to the beautiful newlyweds, shauna & jason.
we love you.


home sweet home for the newlyweds…side note: dusty took the 4-wheeler out with the kids and his 4-wheeler broke down, his niece elle had to get a rope and pull him home!my myla is spending the next week with her aunt and cousins in southern nevada, the girl is in heaven.

4 responses to “mr. and mrs. mcnutt”

  1. Hey there! The pictures turned out great! It was so good to see you guys again! We will see you in 6 weeks!

  2. Beautiful Pictures Jane! 2 weddings in one month in the same family?

    Oh boy Myla and her adventures. you could write a book just on all of her many creations she makes up. I love that girl. Too funny she was playing with fire while the reception was going on. haha

    I am sure she is having a Fabulous time with her aunts!

  3. I am so into weddings this summer. I think I'm kind of addicted to all of TLC's wedding shows, my sis-in-law gets married Thursday and the festivities start tonight!

  4. Great photos! It looks like fun! I acually have a friend from Ely… or maybe he just moved there after he got married, although I can't imagine why he'd move there… unless it was 'home'. Anyway…

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