moving forward…

i feel very present. happy to be right where we are at this moment. Home. Home has had a triple meaning this year, defining both going home and coming home— i recently went home to Utah, where i feel i have the largest collection of family and friends. Some friends have moved elsewhere. For example, a friend has just found a condo at in Berlin. I can’t wait to visit her. Home also being where I was raised in Washington State, yet no family remains in my home town. and Home, being where our family currently resides. When you move house, you can start to get a pretty twisted perception of what ‘home’ truly is. Beyond the process of finding Houston Movers to help you relocate, it can genuinely be difficult for many people to live away from somewhere where they are so settled.

Six months ago, when I continued to think about the fact that we would most likely be moving again, soon, i would get this big lump of anxiety in my chest just thinking about it. Yet, as each month passed and the inevitable was approaching, there was a paralleled calmness that i could pack up our family and move again, and all would be well. very well.

moving highlights?

i have been choosing new paint for our new-to-us-home, and after a lot of recommendations and advice, i chose the white right, ash, and slate from restoration hardware. however, i used benjamin moore paint and had them match the colors.

our new fireplace is a conversation piece! sela can’t walk by it without giggling about the naked privates that are on display. As well as that, I don’t need to worry about getting someone to fix my furnace before winter like I did in our old place!

we were living next to the best park in town – and we moved right next to the second best park in town!

our driveway lane is a cozy private road, a cave of greenery.

my art room was immediately put to use as the kiddos took a break from unpacking to play with some of the moving boxes. first they made cardboard shields, swords, and then moved on to boats. you can look here to see what they did with the boats! there is never a dull moment at the rhodes home.

after just two days of being in our new home, i feel the comfort of our new space and the promise of what it holds for our future. wherever home may be, there are so many ways to appreciate it. xo.

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